Quiet Sunshine after the Storm | Roulez Magazine | February 20, 2020

February 25, 2020 By admin

All things Roulez are slightly quieter than usual right now, as they have been for several weeks. This is an expected quiet. Roulez Media founder C.Kimberly Toms had an obligation to the State of Wisconsin and herself to testify in a jury trial. She appeared as state’s witness against the defendant, David S. Scharlat of Oconomowoc, WI.

Former federal agent acquitted on 4 of 5 counts in sexual assault trial | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | February 14, 2020
Former Supervisory Special Agent David S. Scharlat, a.k.a. “Fed” of Escaping Fed, also Roulez Media owner C.Kimberly Toms‘ rapist, attempted murderer and stalker.

That trial has resolved in a Guilty verdict. The now convicted offender is the real-life person behind “Fed” in the Roulez Media feature documentary film, Escaping Fed. Fed faces up to 40 years imprisonment. This potential term breaks down to a max of 25 years in a correctional institution and 15 years probation.

Toms also succeeded in “winning” the former federal agent’s badge in 2015 (suspension) with his official termination occurring in December 2018.

We await sentencing on May 21, 2020. Meanwhile, we are going back to “business as usual,” right on time according to our expectation. We have multiple projects with deadlines now, including the jury decisions for Hero Film Festival & Awards 2020.

All Things Roulez Go Forward

Thank you for your continued interest in all things Roulez and support for what we do! Perhaps now you understand why the French version of “we go forward” is our chosen name, as “Roulez.” We are going forward after a seven-year battle to close dark chapters, achieve justice and protect others from the evil bringing us “here,” to this place in time.

The good news? All is well that ends well. This is particularly true, when you have beaten every expectation, prediction and “odd.” This was a big “impossible” fight we were all told we could not win. But we did. That said, life rolls forward in a more peaceful and optimistic direction.

Laissez les bon temps Roulez!