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A Wisconsin man named Daniel Storm is reportedly writing about David Scharlat and "this case." He calls himself an investigator and writer.  We do not stand behind this "novel" or its approach by a man with fractional information and a highly limited view of any of the crimes I have experienced. We are not participating in this piece.

Further, as a raped woman who survived attempted murder and all else, I have to say that it takes a great deal of audacity and "entitlement" for a man who has not walked in these shoes to use the "story" for financial gain. He has never approached me, nor asked for any information from me, as the sole victim with a "guilty" verdict. It is opportunism that will fall flat with only a minute portion of the story, primarily from the defense's sadistic perspective. He assures me he is only focusing on Scharlat for the story. But he is using Scharlat's UNTRUE machinations of defense and imaginings to write the piece. This is male entitlement to the extreme.

I am making this statement, as I will NOT bear the wrath of the offender who may be led to think I participated. I have ZERO association with Daniel Storm and thus it will be an untrue male perspective piece of a still unfolding and endangering story. Merely delving into the subject matter puts my life at risk and Storm has made it clear he could not care less.

Finally, he claims to be writing about Scharlat. Therefore, Scharlat's serial ways will come into play. It is absolutely mind-blowing that a man believes it is okay to write about any victim experience here, especially those who did not have their day in court. They didn't have their day in court because many are too afraid to come forward, with GOOD REASON. Storm is one of those "reasons." Certain men of certain ages and senses of entitlement need to wake up and realize that some matters are not for them to profit from. - CKT

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | "Witness against former federal agent in sexual assault trial made documentary about her story" | Bruce Vielmetti | February 6, 2020