Roulez Consulting Services works with clients in three key sectors: Hospitality and tourism, eCommerce and retail, and professional services.

For hospitality and tourism brands Roulez provides digital content delivery and editorialization toward facilitation of growth and positive engagement of their customers, visitors and guests. In eCommerce, Roulez consults with emerging and growing brands for efficient launch, catalytic growth or rebranding of online retail properties. Professional Services includes digital content delivery for organizations in the fields of medicine, dentistry and law.

Roulez Media has a multi-year track record with multiple entities from throughout the United States. Our SEO and growth strategies maintain a prestigious list of client organizations. At present, our client retention averages are:

  • Medical and surgical – two years
  • Addiction and behavioral – five years
  • Hospitals, treatment centers and major institutions (new in 2018)
  • Legal – four years
  • eCommerce – five years

Whether your organization faces bankruptcy or thrives on a daily basis, Roulez Media can help take your revenue to the next level. Our proven strategies will work for you. Contact us for more information.

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