For the past eight years, Roulez Media has operated three primary divisions: Consulting Services, Film Productions and Roulez Media Brands. We produced a life-saving documentary film. We stood up for our convictions and succeeded against what everyone said were insurmountable odds. At the same time, we managed a portfolio of dozens of clients and penned well over 6000 articles. At our peak just two years ago, we had over 275,000 monthly visitors to just one of our platforms. We are thankful for each one of our accomplishments, supporters and visitors.


Roulez Media is named for the Cajun French phrase "Laissez les bon temps rouler" - "Let the good times roll." The word "roulez" means "we roll forward." In all things we have done, our innovative spirit, passion and tenacity drove us forward. But as 2021 proceeds, it is time for us to move onto the next chapter in life.


In many ways, Roulez was necessity. Survival. Against the odds. A stand. Now, nothing is more attractive than a quieter life of stronger focus and status quo. It is time to start anew. The world is changing and our goals are changing along with it. Indeed, it is time to roll forward independently and in the aftermath of success where so many never have a voice.


I will personally continue serving the dozen or so remaining clients still with us until the next chapter presents itself. I am eagerly working toward that next chapter now. Until those next doors open and for everyone in our struggling America right now, we hope for the best for all concerned. We look forward to a collective future where we all go forward beyond mere survival and regain good health, happiness, peace and tranquility. We will see you there.


Sincerely with much appreciation always,


C.Kimberly Toms
Roulez Media LLC




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